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Gaelic Storm (I know I posted them before, but I must share this song.)

09.12.11 5

Skylar Grey (She has had a huge influence but I am surprised how her own songs have slid by relatively unnoticed.)

09.10.11 2

Walter Trout

09.10.11 7

Paul Pena (thanks to worstlaidplans)

09.08.11 3
Looking in the Archives

Because I forget who I put on here before (embarrassing)….ALSO SUBMIT YOUR FAVORITE ARTISTS!!!

09.07.11 0

Earl Sweatshirt

09.07.11 2

The Black Keys (They are pretty popular now…but fuck it, they should be more popular)

09.07.11 2

Bright Eyes

09.06.11 4
what happened to your blog :(

Asked by theresponsibleones

I am returning to posting pretty soon as I have returned to school and find myself on the computer once again.

09.06.11 0

For my absence. I have been working real hard and hardly find myself time on a computer these days. I will likely resume my tumblog when I get back to school and am not trying to make as much money as I possibly can.

07.26.11 0

Sean Costello

06.28.11 4

North Mississippi All-Stars

06.28.11 2

Broken Bells

06.27.11 8

Mychael & Jeff Danna (everybody who has seen Boondock Saints, has heard their music, as Blood of Cu Cuchulainn is the movie’s theme song. This is not that song, but it is also amazing, like everything they made.)

06.27.11 28

Andres Segovia

06.26.11 3